Okresowe szkolenie BHP dla pracodawców i innych osób kierujących pracownikami (szkolenie + egzamin + zaświadczenie) - IN ENGLISH

Participants of the training

Distance learning / Systemax E-LearningThe training is directed at: employers, including employees holding managerial positions in state enterprises, partnerships, private enterprises, offices, cooperatives as well as other employees holding managerial positions (masters, foremen, department and other organizational units’ managers).

The aim of the training

The aim of the training programme is revision and supplement to the knowledge and skills particularly in:

  1. assessment of threats in the process of work and hazard concerning these threats,
  2. shaping of safe and hygienic working conditions,
  3. employees’ protection against threats concerning their activities.

Additional information

Access to the training: 30 days

Number of classes: 8 hours

Note: The training is also available in Polish language!

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Additional modules

It is possible to order additional trainings for employees holding managerial positions of a special character.

PRODUCTION MODULE – for employees holding managerial positions in the fields of machines’ and other equipment operation.

CHEMICAL MODULE – for employees holding managerial positions in the field of substances and chemical preparations classified as dangerous.

The schedule of the training

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Module 1
Selected regulations of the labor code Module 2
Evaluation of hazards and the methods of protection against hazards Module 3
Workplace organization Module 4
Accidents at work and occupational diseases Module 5
Occupational health and safety training Module 6
Behavior in hazardous situations Module 7
Consequences of inappropriate work conditions Module 8
Environmental protection Final test – it is the basis for getting the certificate

Examples and screenshots

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