Periodic training programme for employers and employees holding managerial positions in general outline

  1. Selected regulations of the labor legislation concerning work health and safety with the overview of international legal sources (EC directives, ILO convention) - 3 hours
    1. current regulations (including amendments), connected to:
      • duties concerning work health and safety issues and responsibility for violation of health and safety regulations
      • protection of women' and minors' work
      • preventive health care
      • health and safety trainings
      • oversight of working conditions
    2. problems concerning interpretation of some of these regulations
  2. Identification, analysis and evaluation of threats caused by harmful, arduous, and dangerous factors and risk evaluation concerning these threats - 3hours
  3. Organization and methodology of health and safety training in workstations equipped with display monitors; occupational health and safety management - 3 hours
  4. Analysis of the circumstances and reasons for accidents at work and the occupational diseases including prevention, elaboration of reasons for characteristic accidents at work, with special attention to accidents arising due to improper work organization, and prevention concerning these accidents - 2 hours
  5. Organization and methodology of health and safety training (including the methods of conducting workplace training) and shaping of safe employees' behavior in the processes of work - 2 hours
  6. Measures in case of accident at work and threats (fire, failure), including the measures of providing first aid in case of accidents - 1 hour
  7. Effects of improper working conditions (such as: compensation benefits arising from working conditions, social insurance contributions) - 1 hour
  8. Problems of fire and environmental protection - 1 hour

In total: 16 h (in academic hours of 45 minutes).